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Duratorque Suspension



TWO-PIECE                                         STRAIGHT BEAM

Duratorque is superior suspension system that is suitable for fitment to all types of trailers. Using specially formulated synthetic rubber cords as a spring medium, Duratorques are totally self contained and are easily fitted to the trailer chassis.

All Duratorque components are either galvanized or electroplated for protection against corrosion. Available as Two Piece units, which will fit any chassis width and which are carried in stock, or as one-piece Full Beams which are manufactured to the customers' specifications. Full Beams are also available as Gull Wings for boat trailers allowing the boat to sit lower on the trailer. Capacities for all types range from 350kg to 2000kg for single axle applications and up to 3500kg in tandem.

Hub equipment is to be ordered separately. (Please click here to be re-directed to Hub equipment page)


When ordering Full Beam or Gull Wing axles, you need to advise Hub face to Hub face measurement D, bracket centre measurement E, and for Gull Wings, the required drop measurement F. The standard drop measurement is 100mm. There are limitations on the axle width when in gull wing form, so check when ordering.

When ordering Full Beams, advise the required hub to face bracket centre measurements.


To suit Trojan hubs.

*Retro fit.

Capacity Per
Two Wheels:

Part Number:
Two Piece Type

Part Number:
Full Beam Type
Part Number:
Gull Wing Type

Hub Options:

1000kg  081010LH & RH 101040 101041 Non Braked & 225mm Disc Braked
1000kg  081015LH & RH*  N/A  N/A   Non Braked & 225mm Disc Braked
1000kg  N/A  101056 N/A  9" Hydraulic Drum Brakes
1500kg  081016LH & RH*  N/A  N/A   Non Braked & 225mm Disc Braked
1500kg  081020LH & RH 101044 101045 Non Braked & 225mm Disc Braked
1500kg  092055LH & RH 101058 N/A  10" Electric Drum Brakes
2000kg  092040LH & RH 101052 101053 Non Braked & 275mm Disc Braked
3000kg N/A 



Non Braked, 275mm Disc Braked & 10" Electric Drum Braked


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