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Hydraulic Brake Controllers


Developed for use on all types of trailers fitted with hydraulic brakes, the Hydrastar gives smooth controlled braking under all conditions. The actuator, which mounts on the trailer, is activated via a controller which is mounted in the cab of the tow vehicle. Electric current is supplied through the controller to the activator which operates the brakes by way of a hydraulic pump. The controller allows adjustment of the braking effort to suit load and road conditions.

Carlisle Hydraulic Brake Activator, 12V - Unit, Breakaway Kit & Cab Controller

Hydrastar brake activator. Output pressure 1200psi. 12V. Activated by an electronic controller hard wired into tow vehicle making it suitable for use with disc brakes.

Part Number Description

Complete kit, hydrastar, control unit, breakaway


Kit less Cab Controller


Part Number Description


Hydrastar Brake Activator 1200psi unit only


Breakaway Kit


Electrical Cab Controller - Journey 12V

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