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Outdoor Accessories





RV Collapsible Bucket

The perfect size for RVing, camping, fishing, boating and more. 11L capacity. Opens easily to 23.5 cm tall and folds to less than 3.5 cm tall for compact storage. Zippered storage bag included.

Part Number : 42993


Collapsible Utility Container

A sturdy frame for 124 litres bags that can be easily moved around to accommodate needs inside or out. Features a durable liner, padded handles, a lid that zips closed and a stake to secure it in place against wind, pets and people. Constructed for rugged heavy duty use, this tear resistant container is lightweight and flexible. Stands two feet tall, and collapses in seconds to store at just 6.35cm high in its zippered storage bag.

Part Number : 42893


Spiral Anchor

Secure your pet outside. Works well in all kinds of soil; ideal for securing in sandy areas. Swivel ring helps prevent your pet’s chain from becoming wrapped around the stake.

Part Number : 42572



Carport-Mode Awning Latch

Holds awning arm in carport position with easy to use latch attachment. Twist spiral stake into ground, then snap awning arm end into latch. Rust resistant zinc coated steel.

Part Number : 42583



Awning Arm Anchor

Awning arms stay securely on the ground in the carport position with Awning Arm Anchors. Holds awning arm in carport position more securely than regular stakes. Rust resistant zinc coated steel.

Part Number : 42021


RV Wrap Around Step Rug

For manual or electric RV steps. Adjusts to fit almost any RV step. Just wrap around existing step and hook springs into the holes that fit your step. No screws, glue or tools needed.

Part Number : 42925    -   45.7cm wide
Part Number : 42935    -   58.4cm wide



RV Extra Step

Heavy duty steel frame stool. Folding legs lock open to 18cm in height. Extra wide 20 x 48cm platform with angled legs to provide stability. Gripper strips on platform helps keep you on solid footing. Folds to only 5cm wide for storage. Supports up to 158kgs.

Part No: 43675



Trojan RV / Caravan Step - Aluminum

Light weight aluminum construction. Non-corroding. Compact collapsible design. Locking legs for safety. Extra large non-slip surface. Size: 605 x 350 x 200mm

Part No: 578151




Trojan RV / Caravan Step - Steel

Zinc plated steel. Fold away design Small foot print. Robust construction. Anti-slip tread surface.

Part No: 578153



RV Folding Step Stool

You’ll find dozens of uses inside and outside your RV for this versatile stool. When not in use, it folds up neatly to tuck into a 5cm wide space. Open to a generous 30 x 32 x 23cm step stool that’s sturdy enough to support up to 136kgs.

Part No: 43635


RV Shoe Scraper

Just clean your shoes on the RV Shoe Scraper to remove dirt and mud so it doesn't track into your RV.

Part Number : 42941



Olympian Camp Knife

Great for various uses. Camp knife includes knife, LED grill light and heavy duty tools - phillips head, flat head, square head, pliers and corkscrew.

Part No: 51633


Screen Door Opener

Install this handy timesaver using just a drill. Now you can open the screen door, keep the slide closed and keep the bugs outside. Just pull up to open screen door. Patented.

Part Number : 43953



Screen Door Awning Saver - 2/pk

Snap the plastic Awning Saver on the corner of the screen door to help prevent ruined awnings. Quick & easy to use.

Part Number : 42073



Screen Door Closer Kit

Keep your screen door shut with the RV Screen Door Closer Kit. Dual spring action pulls door closed with evenly distributed tension. Installs easily on standard (square corner), radius corner (such as Winnebago) or fold-down tent camper doors. Patented.

Part Number : 44133


Screen Door Crossbar

Allows for easier exit and protection of your RV screen door. Adds a sturdy feel to your door and saves repairs to screens. Adjusts from 51 to 71cms. Easy installation, hardware included. Patent pending.

Part Number : 42183



Stationary Piece

Replacement stationary piece for the flat (non-sliding) part of the screen door opening. White - 30.5 x 33cm

Part Number : 45563




Camco Screen Door Slide

Replace your missing or damaged screen door slide. White - 22.8 x 28.6cm

Part No: 45531


Screen Door Handles

For easy access in and out of your screen door, use this top / bottom mounted screen door handle. Designed to fit between the RV door and the screen door. Made of molded plastic. Double sided tape is provided for attaching to the most convenient location on your door.

Part Number : 45551



Window Thermometers - 2/pk

Mount thermometers on exterior of window panes (one on each side). This will allow you to compare temperature readings in the sun and shade wherever you are parked. Two-pack for sun and shade readings.

Part Number : 44313


Table Cloth Clamps - 4/pk

Hold tablecloths securely under the windiest conditions. Red plastic clamps wont rust or corrode. Use on tables from 1.3 to 5.8 cm thick.

Part Number : 44003




Happy Hour Flag

A white fabric 30.5 x 45.7cm flag with bear mug, martini glass and the words “Happy Hour” in red. This flag will let your friends know that after a hard day at the RV park, you’re ready to relax and enjoy the evening.

Part Number : 45492



Single Flag Holder - 2/pkt

For small staffs. Holds on windy days. Installs to any existing screw on your rig. Durable plastic with tapered 5cm shaft.

Part Number : 45501




Campsite Occupied Sign

Mark your site with a sturdy plastic 25.4 x 12.4 cm sign. Aluminum stake remains steady in sand or rocky ground.

Part Number : 50792




Snack Daddy

Free up your hands with the beverage and snack tray that easily mounts to all standard round frame lawn and leisure chairs. Locking ratchet securely holds large drinks, coffee cups and huggers, bottles, glasses, sandwiches or radios. Made of UV stabilised ABS resin with a granite finish. Dishwasher safe. Includes a built in slot for cup handles. Keeps drinks and snacks below armrest.

Part Number : 51471




Table Caddy

Eliminate clutter and keep items handy in your RV, Boat, home office, kitchen or bathroom. Lightweight, durable organiser holds anything from condiments to craft supplies. Slip-Stop keeps it from sliding while you ride.

Part No: 43813

Fits-All RV Party Light Holders - 7/pk

Hang party lights, signs, plants and more from your awning roller bar. The Fits-All RV party light holders slide easily into roller bar channel, and each hanger can support up to 6.8kgs. Each holder has two sizes of channel insets; fits all automatic roll out awning roller bar channels. Patented.

Part Number : 42693


Lantern Snaps - 4/pk

Attach patio lights, screens, canvas or poly film to your awning quickly and easily. Open one end, snap to awning fabric, then snap the other end to the lights or push the flexible tabs into the awning roller bar channel and attach the snaps to the tabs. Durable metal construction.

Part Number : 42713

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