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Vent Accessories




Polyproplene Replacement Vent Lids

Impact resistant vent lids come pre-assembled and include all mounting hardware for quick, easy installation on all 35.5 x 35.5cm RV vents. Hardware is rust resistant. Replaces models below:

Part Number : 40152    -   New Jensen for metal vent
Part Number : 40158    -   Ventline, Elixir since 1994
Part Number : 40159    -   Elixir before 1994



Unbreakable Polycarbonate Vent Lids

Unbreakable 35.5 x 35.5cm vent lids are pre-assembled and include rust-resistant mounting hardware for quick, easy installation. Lifetime warranty. Replaces models below:

Part Number : 40168    -   Ventline, Elixir since 1994



Ventline Ventadomes

Specifically designed for recreational vehicle use. Two types available - non-powered and quiet, efficient 12VDC powered. Screw mounted. Manual crank dome lift. 35.5 x 35.5cm.

Part Number : 578105    -   Non-powered
Part Number : 578110    -   12V powered fan



Vent Cover **Made in the USA**

Leave your vent open rain or shine. The Camco vent cover offers high-flow ventilation in an aerodynamic design. Removable louvers for easy cleaning. Mounts to existing 35 x 35cm (14" x 14") roof vents. UV stabilized resin for years of rugged use.

Part Number : 40433






Aero-flo RV Roof Vent Cover **Made in the USA**

Get high-flow fresh air ventilation and light into your RV, rain or shine. Streamlined cover has 30% more open vent area than other brands. Swing-open design makes cleaning easy. Made of rugged UV stabilised resin. Instructions and necessary hardware included. Installs easily by mounting to existing 35 x 35cm (14" x 14") roof vent.

Part Number : 40421



Solar Vents

A brilliant simple way to ventilate boats, caravans, RV’s etc. Powered by natural light - Operates without wires, batteries or with any running costs involved. Helps reduce mold, mildew, moisture and excessive heat buildup. 215mm diameter. 54515 is low profile, projecting 36mm & 54500 projects 60mm above your caravan roof or boat deck. Two styles available.

Part Number : 54500    -   White plastic cowling
Part Number : 54515    -   Stainless steel cowling

Lights Out Vent Shade Retractable

Prevent light from shining into RV sleeping quarters at night. Easily mounts to ceiling and retracts into the space-efficient housing to allow light inside during the day. Opens to 35cm x 48cm. Durable, lightweight vinyl’s reflective finish reflects heat to keep RV cool.

Part Number : 42913



Universal Vent Installation Kits

Replace or install roof vents, side mount vents, plumbing stacks and refrigerator vents. 1.9cm x 2.4mtr kits include screws and instructions.

Part Number : 25003    -   With grey putty tape for aluminum or other metal roof vents.

Part Number : 25013    -   With whity butyl tape for rubber roof vents.

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