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Polycarbonate Beverage Sets

No more broken glassware! Revolutionary polycarbonate glasses have the look and feel of real glass, and the advantage of being unbreakable. Available in wine, pilsner, juice, tumbler, martini & margarita styles. Top shelf dishwasher safe. Sold in box of pairs.

Part Number : 43861    -   Wine Glass 266ml
Part Number : 43891    -   Pilsner 650ml
Part Number : 43881    -   Juice 207ml
Part Number : 43871    -   Tumbler 207ml
Part Number : 43902    -   Margarita 354ml
Part Number : 43901    -   Martini 295ml



Adjustable Drink Holder

Prevent spills with the adjustable drink holder. Mounts quickly and easily in RV’s, cars, vans, trucks and boats. Arms easily adjust to hold almost any size bottle, can or mug. Mounts with tape or screws.

Part Number : 44043    -   Brown
Part Number : 44044    -   Black

Glass Gloves - Set of 6

Glass Gloves can be used on glasses, bottles and other items you want to protect. They will reduce rattles, breakage and rub marks. Use on cans in refrigerator to protect interior from marks.

Part Number : 45612

Mini Dish Drainer & Tray

Fits RV sinks, and is sized just right for limited counter space. Sloped drainer tray keeps counters dry. Drain tray snaps on top of rack for handy storage. Durable heavy-duty construction.

Part Number : 43511


RV/Marine Sink Mat

Cushion and protect glassware and dishes. Small size vinyl mat is specifically engineered for RV & Boat sinks. Multiple drain holes allow water to flow freely through mat. Mildew resistant. 25 x 28.5 cm.

Part Number : 43720



Stowaway Flexible Cutting Mat

Protect RV / Boat countertops from nicks, cuts and stains. Natural coloured mat elimates spills by bending for easy pouring. Made of sturdy, lightweight recyclable plastic. Bend or roll for compact storage. Non-toxic and dishwasher safe. 29 x 38cm. Patented.

Part No: 43770



Gas Stove Burner Liners - 4/pk

Keep RV stovetop burners clean and hide pitted or rusted burner wells. Liners make clean-up easier. Fits Wedgewood, Magic Chef and most RV gas stoves. Easy installation. 19cm diameter.

Part Number : 43800



Microwave Cooking Covers - 2/pk

Prevent spattering and reduce cooking time while venting steam automatically. Dishwasher safe and FDA approved. Set of two includes one 20 x 20cm and 25 x 25cm.

Part Number : 43790



Knife Safe

Frees up valuable drawer and counter space. Gives you convenient, safe access to your kitchen knives. Holds seven knives up to 5cm wide. Patented.

Part Number : 43583



Has a non-slip backing. Use in your cabinet to keep plates organised, and to stop them from sliding and rattling. Plates stay in place while traveling and are more protected from breakage. Set of two - one fits plates up to 18.4cm; the other fits plates up to 26cm. Bright white. Dishwasher safe.

Part Number : 43601


Pot Protectors - Set of 3

Extend the life of your pots and pans. Pot Protectors can help preserve the cooking surface by reducing the rattling and spot wearing that can occur during travel. Set of 3.

Part Number : 45622



Fridge Brace - 2/pk

Keep food from sliding as you go down the road. Helps keep cartons upright to reduce the risk of messy spills. Two pack. Patented.

Part Number : 44033


Refridgerator Bars

Keep order in your refrigerator during travel. Spring loaded bars keep items in place. Extend from 40.6 to 71cm.

Part Number : 44073



Mini Ice Cube Trays

Small trays fit perfectly into RV, Boat or dorm freezers. Provides small size cubes for quick freezing. 22.8 x 10 x 2.5cm. Set of two.

Part Number : 44100



Fridge Door Stay

Keeps your refrigerator door held open during storage. Improves air circulation and helps prevent mold and odor build-up.

Part Number : 45641


RV / Marine Showerhead

Enjoy longer showers with this ergonomically designed, hand held showerhead. Handy on/off switch allows you to pause water flow while shampooing, greatly reducing the amount of water used. No more rushing your shower to conserve water. Choice of four spray patterns from a drenching rain to a gentle massage. Heavy-duty construction for years of use. Washers included.

Part Number : 43710    -    Chrome
Part Number : 43711    -    White


RV / Marine Showerhead Kit

The same showerhead described above, packaged with a flexible 1.5mtr shower hose. Kit includes showerhead, flex hose, washers, wall mount and hardware. Shower Flex Hose features built-in connectors for easy installation. Chrome.

Part Number : 43713



Showerhead Mounts

Adjustable chrome showerhead wall mount gives you great flexibility in positioning your showerhead. Two position chrome showerhead wall mount gives you a choice of two angles for your showerhead. Hardware included.

Part Number : 43718    -   Two-position
Part Number : 43719    -   Adjustable



Protect and store toothbrushes with this easily-installed holder that guards against dust and germs. Cover opens automatically when toothbrush is pulled forward. Vented for quick drying. Double-sided tape allows for permanent mounting.

Part Number : 57203


Bathroom Cup and Holder

Keep your small bathroom organised & tidy. Advanced twist lock suction system securely mounts holder to any flat surface keeping your cup & toothbrushes from jumbling around the room during travel.

Part Number : 56963

Oak Accents Magazine Rack

Accent and organise with this solid oak finish hardwood magazine rack. Stores magazines, maps, directories and more in one convenient place. Super hard, non-toxic gloss finish. (30.5 x 33 x 8cm)

Part Number : 43411


Umbrella Holder

Finished solid hardwood umbrella holder mounts to any solid surface. A handy way to keep umbrellas where you can find them on a rainy day. (23.5 x 11 x 18cm). Holds two umbrellas (included). Patented.

Part Number : 43412


Oak Accents Organiser

Organise papers, remote controls, mail, maps or anything you need to keep neat and at hand. Mounts easily on almost any surface. Solid oak finish hardwood. (21 x 12 x 7cm)

Part Number : 43483

Oak Accents Remote Holder

Have remote controls and other items near at hand with this easily installed, wall mounted holder. Solid oak finish hardwood complements any decor. (13 x 10 x 4.5cm)

Part Number : 43533


Oak Accents Universal Silent Top

Silence annoying stovetop rattles and add valuable counter space to your RV or boat. Solid oak finish for extra moisture protection. (50 x 44cm). Patented.

Part Number : 43521


Keep everything safe and secure by preventing slipping and sliding. Washable, easily trimmed material works in tool boxes, rugs, van floors, shelves, dash boards or anywhere things slide around or rattle in your RV. Use as a liner between plates, cups and appliances.

Part Number : 43277  -  Cream (Roll - 30.5cm wide / 3.6mtrs long)
Part Number : 43278  -  Blue (Roll - 30.5cm wide / 3.6mtrs long)



Pop-A Bag Hanger -  2/pk

Create a wastebasket anywhere with the Pop-A Bag Hanger. This is a great way to re-use your plastic grocery bags and save money on trash bags. Install inside cabinet door, on a wall or workbench area. Pop-A Bag Hanger comes with double sided tape for easy installation. Patented.

Part Number : 43593


Pop-A-Bag **Made in the USA**

Store grocery bags, trash bags and dryer sheets efficiently. Plastic bag holder/dispenser mounts easily on walls or inside cabinets with screws or double-sided tape. Holds up to 25 grocery bags.

Part Number : 57061    -   White
Part Number : 57071    -   Almond



Wall Mount Trash Can

Compact trash can mounts to wall or inside cabinet. Features swing top lid. Patent pending.

Part Number : 43961


Stainless Steel Trash Can

Stainless steel trash can with easy-to-remove insert features a hands-free pedal operated lid that fits tightly to contain odors. Rectangle shape saves space in RVs and boats. Can be used free standing or wall mounted. 3.8ltr size

Part No: 43931




Keep paper towels clean and conveniently located. Holder can be permanently mounted on cabinet door, wall or under cabinet. Slides off the mounting bracket to stand alone or carry as needed. Patented.

Part Number : 57111



Keep plastic wrap, aluminum foil or wax paper close at hand with easily installed holder. Mounts under cabinet or shelf with screws. Serrated edge makes tearing fast and easy.

Part Number : 57131


Folding Ironing Board

Tabletop ironing board with pressed board top and quality fabric cover is small and easy to use. Features sturdy chrome wire iron rest. Measures 81 x 30 cm for easy storage. (Iron not included).

Part Number : 43904

Dust Pan and Whiskbroom

Small size makes it easy to keep this handy duo close at hand. Whiskbroom snaps into dustpan when not in use. Hanger-hole for convenient storage.

Part Number : 43945

Adjustable broom with dust pan

Full size broom telescopes down to store compactly. Soft-bristled head adjusts to different angles for maximum cleaning power. Handle length is adjustable, too! Handy dustpan clips onto broom handle for storage.

Part Number : 43623

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