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Trojan Caravan Covers

Protect your Caravan from harmful UV rays as well as dirt, dust, rain, pollution, bird droppings and tree debris. Made out of Polypro fabric ensuring maximum breathability. 100% waterproof. Strap and buckle attachments prevent billowing in windy locations and elastic hems provides a custom fit. Comes with storage bag.

Part No: 579106    -    Length: 5-5.5m, Width: 2.2m, Height:2.2m
Part No: 579107    -    Length: 5.5-6m, Width: 2.4m, Height:2.2m
Part No: 579108    -    Length: 6-6.5m, Width: 2.4m, Height:2.2m
Part No: 579109    -    Length: 4.5-5m, Width: 2.55m, Height:2.2m
Part No: 579110    -    Length: 5-5.5m, Width: 2.55m, Height:2.2m

Caravan cover index as follows:


Suits Adria Adora 532, Buccaneer Elan, CI Munro Road Cruiser, A’Van Erin 525, Coachman Kimberley 17’6, Moonstone 18’2.


Suits ABI Manhatten, Bailey Senator Virginia, CI Munro Road Wagon, A’Van Eurostar 609, A’Van Liam Hardtop, Coachman Mirage 18’6, Leisureline Elite 6’0, Oxford Cruiser, Sprite Alpine 2.


Suits Abbey Vogue 2 460, Abbey Spectrum 215, Bailey Ranger 620, Jayco Series 18 18’6, Jayco Series 19 19’11, Leisureline Elite 6’5, Oxford Road Wagon, Sprite Alpine 4, Stirling Europa 460, Swift Challenger 480, Swift Conqueror 480, Swift Charisma 535.


Suits Lunar Strados 18’, New Caravelair Antares Luxe 18’.




Vinyl Tyre Covers

Vinyl covers protect your tyres and wheels from sun, dirt, corrosion and all types of weather while your vehicle is parked. Two sizes available.

Part No: 45331   -   Suits 24-26" wheels 2/pkt
Part No: 45332   -   Suits 27-29" wheels 2/pkt

Trojan Tyre Covers

Trojan wheel covers help protect your trailer tyres and RV tyres from sun damage and wheels against rust. The vinyl fabric used on the wheel cover has a softer inner material that won't scratch the wheel. Easily slip on the wheel cover for storage or while camping.

Part No: 579205   -   Suits 24-26" wheels 2/pkt
Part No: 579206   -   Suits 26-29" wheels 2/pkt
Part No: 579207   -   Suits 29-31" wheels 2/pkt



Trojan Jet Ski Covers

These covers are the perfect solution to protect your Jet Ski during indoor or outdoor storage. Marine-Grade 100% polyester with breathable fabric for the basic protection your personal watercraft requires. These covers are made from mildew and UV ray resistant fabric for great air circulation. 100% Marine-Grade Polyester provides superior protection against the elements. Strap and buckle attachments prevent billowing in windy locations and elastic hems provides a custom fit. Storage bag included.

Part No: 579405   -   1-2 Seater, Length: 3.1mtrs
Part No: 579410   -   2-3 Seater, Length: 3.7mtrs

Trojan Outboard Covers

Protect your outboard from the elements with this quality Engine hood cover. Made from top quality woven polyester fabric with a PVC coating on the inside . Resists UV and Mildew and is water repellant. Comes with storage bag.

Part No: 579505   -    0-15hp 2/4 Strokes. L: 40cm, W: 25cm & D: 35cm
Part No: 579506   -    100-200hp 2 Strokes. L: 76cm,W: 40cm & D: 50cm
Part No: 579507   -    130-225hp 4 Strokes. L: 76cm,W: 42cm & D: 68cm
Part No: 579508   -    200hp+ 2/4 Strokes. L: 76cm,W: 64cm & D: 80cm


UltraShield Patch Kit

Repair your UltraShield RV Cover with this 23cm x 1.8mtr self-adhesive woven polyester patch kit.

Part No: 45790

UltraGuard Patch Kit

Repair your UltraGuard RV Cover with these 23cm x 1.8mtr self-adhesive patch kits

Part No: 45791   -    SFS for top
Part No: 45795   -    Polypropylene for sides

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