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Fresh Water Filtration & Treatment



TastePURE Fresh Tank Baking Soda Tablets - 10 per pkt

Remove foul tastes from your stored water tank. Baking soda tablets with lemon freshener crystals neutralize odors and tastes, leaving a pleasant lemon aroma. Use one tablet for each 30-37ltrs of tank capacity. Great for weekenders; use before every trip.

Part Number : 40181


TastePURE Fresh Tabs - 10 per pkt

Clean, deodorise and dewinterise your entire fresh water system the easy way. Use for major cleaning of the fresh water tank and system before re-activation for use. One tablet per 56ltrs of tank capacity.

Part Number : 40193


TastePURE Drinking Water Freshener

Eliminate algae and slime buildup from drinking water tanks. Just 30mls helps remove bad smells and taste from 75.7ltrs of water.

Part Number : 40206


TastePURE Spring Fresh

Clean and deodorize RV fresh water systems with this safe, biodegradable formula. Dewinterize fresh water tank and lines. Good for periodic cleaning, freshening and deodorizing. One step, no-measure solution requires no mixing or preparation. 3.7ltrs cleans up to a 378ltr tank..

Part Number : 40207

Original Recessed Water Fill

Replace your cracked or broken RV water fill with an original replacement part. Also suitable for new installations. Durable white plastic construction - will not rust or corrode.

Part Number : 37221

Replacement Hose Caps - Female

Replacement 3/4” hose caps to keep dust and dirt out of your water system. Each comes with an easily attached lanyard to help prevent the loss of your cap.

Part No: 22204


CX90 Ceramic Water Filter

Point of entry filter removes impurities down to 0.9 microns to provide premium protection against foul tastes, odors, sediment and chlorine. KDF / carbon core helps protect against bacteria. Filter is renewable; cleans with an abrasive pad (included). Housing made from unbreakable UV stabilised polycarbonate resin. Wrenches included for easy cleaning or changing of the cartridge. Patented.

Part Number : 40651     -     CX90 filter
Part Number : 40671     -     CX90 replacement cartridge


TastePure RV & Marine Water Filter

Improve the taste and smell of your drinking water for up to 120 days. Filters down to 150 microns.

Part Number : 40645

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